Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 22 & 23: Road Trip With Success!

By Cassie McCully

There's something incredibly freeing about taking a road trip.  Maybe it's the long hours that lead to deeper conversation, or the hours of music playing in the background that rejuvinates the spirit. Of course, the adventure that awaits the destination is reason enough to hop in the car and drive, but the journey travelling usually lends many memories.
Traveling with children, may lend a different experience...
but it can surely be a fun one!
Remember BINGO and I Spy?  Here they are in vacation edition!
5 Ways to Make Your Road Trip a Success
Since traveling with a car full of people can be overwhelming,
here's  a few 5 ways to make your trip a success:
1.  Allow each road tripper to call a stop!  If someone sees something or somewhere they want to visit or photograph, let them!  Happy individuals makes a happy car, and it let's each person help create a portion of the trip and memories.
2.  Have scheduled stops for gas and meals.  Eliminating guess-work ahead of time will create smoother travels and less-anxious travelers.  Plus, each stopping point will feel like an accomplishment.
3.  Allow each road tripper to contribute to the music collection!  Whatever it may be--80's 90's, childrens tunes or country.  A little bit to fill each person's likings goes a long way on a road trip.
4.  Wear comfy clothing and bring whatever it'll take to help you get comfortable for the long ride ahead.  A neck support pillow (as Dr. Marc recommends) as well as a blanket and pillow for naps, will make the ride and sleeping more comfortable.
5.  Make sure to bring adequate amounts of water and healthy snacks.  People often want to limit fluid intake on trips, but staying hydrated and eating healthy snacks will keep you feeling your best. 
So, how's Labor Day Weekend looking for you?  You going to hit the road?
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