Monday, March 18, 2013

End Childhood Ear Infections

Chiropractic adjustments effectively realign the bones of the head, neck and back.  Adjusting mild subluxations in the back of the skull or neck can help fluid drain from the middle ear and make a huge difference for a child who suffers from ear infections.
Recently, I wrote the article, "End Childhood Ear Infections," for the March 2013 issue of Lacamas Magazine. If yours or a child you know struggles with ear infections, please pass along this article.  This article could dramatically change a life.

Best in health, naturally,
Dr. Marc



Saturday, March 16, 2013

U.S. health care system: managing disease or managing health?

As a doctor, nothing has brought more concern and frustration than the current state of our health system.  The system is unhinged, broken and quite frankly--ineffective.

Recently, Andrew Weil, MD, author of "You Can't Afford to Get Sick: Your Guide to Optimum Health and Health Care," wrote an article for CNN calling the U.S. health system, one that "manages disease, not health."  This article rings a similar tone to the post that I recently shared concerning the failed flu vaccine, and the industry being corrupted by the prospect of money before health.  

The excellent point that Weil makes in his article, is that educating citizens on how to take a proactive approach to their health is significantly lacking.  Instead of encouraging citizens to embrace a clean diet, an active lifestyle and natural/therapeutic tools to manage stress and ailments, the system implements expensive drugs and surgeries once the conditions manifest themselves. 

According to the article,
"The U.S. "currently ranks lowest on a variety of health measures," concludes a new report from an expert panel commissioned by the National Institutes of Health. Specifically, Americans have more obesity, more sexually transmitted diseases, shorter life expectancies and higher infant mortality than the inhabitants of nearly all of the 16 developed "peer" countries studied."
Yet, the U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, and there are still 30 million people unable to access it.  The numbers do not add up.  There is nothing healthy about this system of health care.

This Saturday, March 16th, CNN will re-air the compelling documentary, "Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare."  Please consider watching this film.  We must understand what is happening within our health care system before we can become advocates for change.  And change, is what we desperately need.

Obamacare as it currently seems to stand is NOT the solution.  We need an effective health care program to promote healthy living, teach proactive measures to sustain health, and a program that will encourage natural remedies first, and not costly and often dangerous measures to mask ailments.  
Your turn: What improvements would you suggest are needed in order to help Americans truly become more healthy and decrease cost? I REALLY want to hear from you!

Best in health, naturally,

Dr. Marc


Friday, March 8, 2013

Daylight Saving Causes Week of Weird

Are you ready to spring forward?!  It seems it was yesterday, that I was Christmas shopping and finding new places for Flash, our Elf on the Shelf, to wreak havoc each morning of December.  Now, my husband and I are discussing vegetable starts, Spring Break and plans for summer projects.  There is light at the end of the dreary tunnel, friends.  Soon, the sun will be here to stay.

Rough week ahead

Daylight saving time happens this Sunday, March, 10th at 2am.  According to The Better Sleep Council, 61% of U.S. adults say that they feel the effects of daylight saving the following Monday after setting their clocks.  Eleven percent of these adults say that it takes more than a week to adjust to the time change, while another 29% say it takes a full week.  

Did you know that 74% of adults who are not getting adequate sleep say it effects their productivity at work?  Thirty-nine percent of U.S. adults say that daylight saving time effects their mood.  Car accidents, falling asleep on the job or in meetings, and admitting to be less than pleasant to be around, are just a small handful of sufferings that have been reported in relation to daylight saving time.

Things could get weird

According to surveyed adults, daylight saving time and lack of sleep has been the root to odd behavior, including:
  • Drove to the wrong location
  • Wore slippers outside
  • Told off-color jokes
  • Put paycheck in the garbage
  • Went to work on day off   
The good news is that this week of weird is worth it.  Daylight saving is all about saving energy consumption.  "It’s a relatively simple idea: If we set our clocks an hour ahead, we can make the most of the longer periods of daylight during summer, gaining an extra hour of sunlight in the evening when we can spend time outside of the house and avoid using home lighting and appliances. If we don’t move the clocks forward, we waste that additional hour of sunlight in the morning, which may occur before many of us have even gotten out of bed" (Earth911).

Be ahead of the change

Begin making the adjustment to the time change, now.  Start going to bed fifteen minutes earlier and waking fifteen minutes earlier.  This will help with the "lost" hour and make adapting to the time change easier.  For you, worried daylight-savers, The Better Sleep Council has a list of tips to help you continue to function at your best.

Tell me, have you made any memorable moments due to lack of sleep?

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Could your back pain be the result of improper arch support? Find out with a free FOOT ARCH ANALYSIS

Your feet are the foundation of your body.  
Do you have proper ARCH support?
Improper arch support can trigger various aches and pains throughout the 
back, hip, knee, neck and foot, and cause headaches.

Dr. Marc looks forward to helping you get aligned from the ground up.
Call his office to schedule your free foot arch analysis.
Appointments are limited.

Davis Family Chiropractic, PLLC


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