Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Protect Your Child From Swallowing Lithium Batteries & Emmett's Fight

In 2010, more than 3400 button batteries were swallowed.
There have been 15 battery-related deaths.
11 have died within the last 6 years.
Most of the battery-related deaths have been related to the batteries found in remote controls.

You've seen the tiny batteries in small remotes, watches, flashlights, car keys, and even in toys.  Most likely, you haven't thought about your child getting a hold of them, or worse, how dangerous they can be.

Lithium batteries can cause permanent damage and be fatal to your child.

Meet Emmett. 

"Shortly after celebrating my son's first birthday, Emmett accidentally ingested a coin size button battery which was housed in our family remote control. The damage that was tragically created inside Emmett's body, has been a horrific and painful nightmare. It has been a battle to save his life ever since."
-Emmett's Fight: Battery Button Ingestion Awareness

Spread the news. 
There are many who are unaware of this danger within the home.
More informational links can be found on the blog, Emmett's Fight.

You can spread the awareness of the dangers of children and lithium batteries
by liking Emmett's Fight on Facebook,
following the blog, Emmett's Fight,
and by checking out the current fundraising event for Emmett's fight.

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Photo of Emmett courtesy of Emmett's Fight Facebook page


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