Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 15: 2012 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

 Did you know that tonight marks the opening of the 2012 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, held in Vancouver?  The festival begins at 7pm at Kiggins Theater and is free to guests, as is the entire festival. 

To become a festival guest, visit:

CGIFF 2012 Headquarters

To attend opening night, visit the festival headquarters by 6pm tonight.  The headquarters will be closed during the opening night.  Reference the schedule for headquarter official hours.

The films and screen writing workshops of the festival will be held in different locations such as Angst Art Gallery, Brickhouse, Pop Culture, Serendipity Playhouse, Source Climbing Center, Torque Coffee, and the Vancouver Community Library.  Reference the schedule for times and locations. 
To view the official film guide, visit

Would you like the opportunity to meet with fellow artists, filmmakers and screenwriters?  Attend a scheduled mixer or happy hour

Enjoy the free entertainment!


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