Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 Ways to Embrace the Rain This Season

As a Pacific Northwesterner, I've lived through years of rain.  In fact, if I've calculated correctly, I've spent a third of my life in the rain.  Here are a handful of things I've learned during the rain-filled decade of life. 

5 Ways To Embrace the Rain This Season:

1)  Don't hate.  Instead saying things like, "I hate this weather," and "I hate my life," when you wake to rain pounding on the rooftop, remember why you live here.  For many of us, it's the exchange of rain for the greenest landscape around that has us sold.  You may not be thrilled with the rain, but nixing the negative-talk will keep your mind happier.   
2)  Don't be afraid to get wet.  Most of us flock indoors once the rain hits.  With a little planning and the appropriate attire, you can still enjoy the outdoors, even when they're soggy.  What if you had your tea on the patio like you use to during the summer?  What if you planned to run your favorite trail even though you may come home splattered in mud?  How bad is shopping in the city in wellies and an umbrella, really?  You're still shopping, and that act alone can do wonders on a person's mood!  Don't let the weather control you!
3)  Make a plan of action.  Do you suffer from seasonal depression?  Think of ways that you can break the blues beforehand.  Plan to get out of the house and meet a friend in the city.  Take a walk with your umbrella in a new neighborhood.  Keep your blinds open during the day to let in more light and so you can soak in more vitamin D.
4)  Visit new places.  Go to Slappy Cakes for breakfast or take the kids to the Children's Museum in Portland.  Attend $3.00 bargain movie night at Camas' Liberty Theater, or schedule a night out with friends at a new restaurant.  A regular change in scenery is sure to keep you stimulated and off the couch feeling sluggish.
5)  Take up a new hobby.  Have you wanted to learn how to crochet, take up painting again, join a Crossfit gym or a bowling league?  Do it!  Having a project or an activity that excites you will help you through the rain.  And before you know it, the sun will have returned and you'll be ready to head outdoors!

How do you keep your head above water during the rainy season?

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Connie October 16, 2012 at 11:11 PM  

What great ideas of ways to celebrate the rain!

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