Friday, June 8, 2012

Dairy Farmers Seek Chiropractic Care For Cows

Sarah Gilbertson adjusts 7 year old cow, Lucky

Dairy farmers are turning to new creative methods to keep cows healthy, happy and their milk production high.  From installing waterbeds for cows to rest on, massage and playing classical music to content their cows minds, farmers are also implementing chiropractic care to promote optimal health for their livestock.

Wisconsin Veterinarian, Sarah Gilbertson, was recently called in to help Lucky, a seven year old dairy cow who had been walking with a limp for a couple of weeks.  Instead of painkillers, Gilbertson prescribed a full spinal massage and a chiropractic adjustment.

"The cows tolerate it incredibly well," says Gilbertson.  "They may be apprehensive at first, until they discover how good it feels." 

Chiropractic treatments for cows range from correcting minor calve issues, hip strains to overall tuneups in older cows.

Though scientific data on the subject of cows, pampering and increased productivity has yet to be confirmed, farmers who have implemented the practices, agree to an increase in milk productivity.

Not too much of a surprise, even if it's cows we're talking about.

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Dr. Marc Davis

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