Wednesday, June 13, 2012

4 Reasons You Should Shop Local Produce

By Cassie McCully

 The season for shopping your local farmers market has arrived.  Do you take advantage of fresh grown produce?  For many, grocery shopping in general, is a chore, so one-stop-shopping is convenient. 
But we all know, convenience isn't always the best option.

Here's four reasons why you should buy
your produce local:

1.  Taste the difference
You've heard people say, there's something different about farm-fresh produce. 
And it is true.  The produce that is taken to farmers markets is usually harvested 1-2 days before sale.
On the other hand, produce that is being sent to grocery stores, enter a distribution network that can last from days to even weeks before the produce hits the shelves and is sold. 
There is no denying the freshness of recently harvested produce.

2.  Know where & how your food is grown
Local farmers have years of experience cultivating healthy foods that are
organic and pesticide-free.  If you don't have access to a local farm or farmer's market, aim to buy organic items when possible, to reduce possible pesticide consumption.

3. Support local farms
It's a pleasure to give back to where you come from, and help keep farmers in business! If local farms are not accessible, CSA (community supported agriculture) programs may be an option, or if you have the space, you could jump in and start growing your own harvest.

4. Save money by shopping locally & seasonally
If foods don't have to be transported to a far destination, costs remain relatively low.  The same is if you shop seasonally.  The price that it takes to have access to produce is always dependant on harvest location and if the produce is in season.  See the chart below to shop seasonally. 
Seasons may vary by region.

Farmers Markets in the area:

Today is the opening day of the Camas Farmers Market
It runs from 3-7:30pm every Wednesday through October 10th.

The Vancouver Farmers Market
Runs Saturday 9-3pm and Sunday 10-3pm through October 28th.

In Portland?  Check out this list of Portland Farmers Markets.
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