Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Habits of Healthy Eaters

Since taking up Crossfit and recently beginning the transition to a Paleo diet, I've had to take a close look at the food in my fridge and cupboards.  Many items had to go, while alternatives to certain foods had to be purchased.  However, and interestingly enough, shopping has become easier and more straight to the point.   

Did you know that the route you take in the grocery store can help you make healthy eating choices and better help you avoid weight gain?  This article explains how shopping the outer perimeter will help you make healthy food purchases, along with giving strategies to help keep you on the healthy track while shopping in a store full of many not-so-healthy foods.  

Have you read about the grocery store's Dirty Dozen?  
Read here about what produce is best to buy organic.

Do you have strategies in place for when you grocery shop?
I'd love to know!


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