Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Davis Family Vacation (Part One)

Last week, I was away from the office, catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation with the family and extended family.  We headed East to Montana where my sister's family has a lake house.  On our way there, we stopped at Silverwood, an amusement park outside of Coeur d'alene, Idaho, for a full day of rides and water slides.  The family was spent by the time we headed out to drive the rest of the way to the lake house.  We spent the better part of the week, on the water, by way of wave runner or boat, or near the water, by way of a comfy lounge chair and a good book. 
Nothing rejuvenates and refreshes like a vacation away from cell and Internet service for a week!

A couple days into our arrival, we headed about ten minutes down the highway to the Ross Cedars (part of Kootenai National Forest), to take a scenic walk through the ancient forest.
Many of the cedars reach 8 ft. in diameter, and some say the beauty of these
ancient trees (as old as 400 years!) rival the great sequoias of
Northern California.
Our dancer, Olivia.
Most of the Davis family grand kids--minus four.
 I had suspicions we were traveling with a quirky group...
Davis Family :: Summer 2012

Montana is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Best in health, naturally,
Dr. Marc


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